Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I’ve been super motivated lately, which is VERY welcome after being in a slump for a few weeks. I know I teased this post over on my instagram a few weeks back so I’m super excited to finally share this one with you guys!

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’ve been working from home for the past 3 years now. I was so excited when I finally decided to leave the cooperate world and start my own business. The intent behind that was, I knew Josh and I wanted to start a family and have kids, so my 180 mile commute to work and back home just wasn’t realistic anymore. I thought, how great it would be if I could work from home without sending an arm and a leg on daycare! (insert the the BIGGEST eye roll here…) I clearly had NO CLUE what I was in for!

I very VERY quickly realized I needed a space for Mason to play while I work. And I had an “ah ha” moment when one of my besties, Allie (who also works from home… and is one of the most badass mom-preneur’s I know) posted a video about how she had a little play area for her son Crews in her office. I seriously saw that and was like.. DUH MARIA!!! THAT’S the solution. I didn’t waste any time. The next day I got to work to make that happen!

Here is a picture of my office before. You can see we had a small bed in there, and just a pack-n-play off to the side where Mason was playing while I worked before. That tiny little space just wasn’t cutting it.

I started creating a little mood board (below) to plan out how I wanted to convert the space. I thought it would be fun to paint a chalk board wall for us to use once he’s a little older for fun and for learning! I also wanted to add a fun pattern to the wall to make the space a little more fun for Mason. I had every intention on painting my current office furniture black, but still haven’t gotten around to it. I eventually want to get some nice office furniture, but with out little budget what I had works just fine.

The only money I spent was on the chalk paint – which was super cheap from amazon. The wall decals – soo easy to put up – they’re essentially just stickers, a new office chair, and the beanbag chair!

It all came together pretty easy! And now Mason has a HUGE space to play while I work! He loves it! For now I put up this baby gate to keep him to one side of the room. But I’m hoping he learns how to stay over there and I’ll eventually be able to get ride of it. I feel like he’s reaching his milestones so much fast now too since I’m not keeping him confined to such a little space! I think it was the best decision ever to create a play space for him in my office!



Below are links to everything I bought or already had for this space!

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