Hey Guys! If you follow along with me on Instagram you probably saw that I have been in the process of updating Mason’s room now that he’s almost one (hoooooowwww did that happen). There were a lot of things about his room that, to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I started decorating. I went about it with the mindset that I wanted everything to look cute. But learning as I go with this thing called “motherhood” I’ve realized a LOT needed to be changed. For instance, we had the cutest end table that had a mirror top and a floor lamp, both next to our rocker. Those HAD to go. Now that Mason is pulling himself up on everything, that was a disaster waiting to happen. So removing things like that, along with strapping heavy furniture to the wall & changing outlet covers, we have finally baby proofed Mason’s room!

The next thing we needed to do was ORGANIZE and make room for all his toys! We don’t have a large house and therefore don’t have a playroom. So his room IS his playroom. And just getting through Christmas and having his birthday only a month away, I had no choice but to figure out how to fit it all in there!

We already had a small bookshelf that I knew I wanted to utilize. Mason was starting to think he could climb it (mommy heart-attack in the making) so I knew I needed to fill that bottom layer with something to prevent that. It was a win win when I found these baskets on amazon because I knew I could hide Mason’s toys in there too!

Another addition to Mason’s room was adding this large mirror to the bottom of his closet door! I attached it using command strip tape. Any time Mason is on the floor he crawls to our bedroom to look at himself in our large floor mirror. He loves looking at his reflection! He cracks himself up, its the funniest thing! So I knew I needed to add a mirror to his room.

And lastly, since we moved all the books off of his bookshelf to make room for those baskets of toys, we then needed a place to store his books. We got these poster ledge shelves from, you guessed it, amazon. We were so happy with how it turned out. Another decision that made his room that much more functional!

We’ll probably be updating his room even more once he moves to a toddle bed, but hopefully we have some time before that happens. Until then I hope this helps anyone else who is going through this same stage with your little ones! Below are links to everything mentioned or anything else you see in these images! If you have any questions at all let me know!

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