Hey guys! If you’re feeling crafty this post is for you! I wanted to hand paint a wooden bowl and serving utensils for my kitchen, and I’m not sure if you guys knew this or not but Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® can be used on waaaaayyyy more than just furniture!

Pause.. If you haven’t heard about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® I’m about to make your day! It is hands down the easiest paint to work with when refinishing or antiquing an old piece of furniture! What makes it unique (and super bad ass) is that you don’t have to use a primer! It’s a one step painting process that cuts down 50% of time and effort!

So, back to what I was saying 🙂 I wanted to use this paint to create some custom pieces for my kitchen!

First step is to use painters tape to block out the sections that you want to keep the wood unpainted.

Then start painting all the open areas! I used four different colors c/o Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan:

Old White, Duck Egg Blue, Aubusson Blue and Honfleur
$38.95 per quart,


Next do the same thing with your utensils! *Tip – Once they are painted put them upside down in a short glass so they can dry with out smearing on the table.

Let the paint completely dry. I waited about 4 hours just to be safe. Once it’s dry you can remove the painters tape and display your new unique, one of a kind pieces!

I hope this shows you just how easy it is to use Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan!! And remember, YOU CAN USE THIS PAINT ON JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!! The newest addition of the Annie Sloan book has a toooon of fun ideas! You can even paint fabric guys!!! Here are a few pictures from inside the book:

I really hope you enjoyed this one! And let me know how you’re planning on getting crafty with this awesome paint!!!

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