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Hey guys!!! So I told you all on instagram about how my good friend Amanda recommended I try the Plexus Slim. Well, I’m actually trying the entire Triplex combo!

I am SO excited about these products because I have been looking for a solution to help get my body back into a healthy routine. It will be two years in August since Josh and I got married, and let’s just say I let my “happy weight” take over lately 🙂

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Here is some information that Amanda sent me about the Triplex Combo that had me saying YES!!! I need that NOW!!!

“Triplex Combo!

Plexus Slim, Probio5, and Biocleanse TOGETHER give your body the 1-2 (3) punch it needs to prepare your system to move forward with your health & weight loss goals and may help your body become more receptive to enhancement products you add to your program!! A successful health & weight loss programs BEGINS with a healthy GUT!! I recommend this combination to ALL my customers at least for their first 60 days. It is my absolute favorite combination of products. I take all 3 every day and feel absolutely wonderful. Energy is steady, gut is healthy, things move right along in my digestion {and let’s be real… its awesome to be regular!!!}

PLEXUS SLIM: the pink drink This is our most popular product. A diabetic friendly, berry flavored drink you mix with water (not a meal replacement) that balances blood sugar levels and keeps cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels. The overall benefits that come with a balanced body are better sleep, better ability to focus, reduced binge eating and desires for unhealthy foods, loss of sugar cravings which then prevents the roller coaster of energy bursts and crashes, and fat loss (if and only if you have fat to lose). It helps you lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle. People who don’t need to lose weight also take this for the health benefits and focus so do not let the name mislead you! This drink is for OVERALL health where weight loss can be a major added side effect. It is a restart button for your body, getting it back to functioning the way it was originally designed to function.

ProBio5: our probiotic Many influences in our daily lives comprise the health of our gut and intestinal flora, which is home to nearly 80% of our immune system. Taking antibiotics, eating highly processed/sugar filled foods, even breathing pollution weakens the flora in our intestinal tract. Probio5 is formulated with a rich blend of probiotic strains and enzymes to recharge your immune system with disease fighters and immunity builders. Unlike any other probiotic, Probio5 contains 5 powerful strains of enzymes that specifically target yeast overgrowth which causes a myriad of symptoms: eczema, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain and loss plateaus, IBS, Fibromyalgia, migraines/headaches, sugar cravings, allergies/breathing problems, brain fog, hormonal imbalances like PCOS and infertility and so on. The 5 strains of enzymes help your gut in three ways: removes the appropriate ratio of bad bacteria, replaces good bacteria, and restores your digestive colon lining which yeast can compromise. With a large majority of your immune system in your gut, digestive health is key for overall health and weight management.

BioCleanse: takes out the trash probio5 cleans up Did you know you can hold up to 8 pounds of waste in your system? Biocleanse helps detoxify and cleanse the GI tract and arteries, oxygenates the entire body, energizes you physically and mentally, neutralizes acidic conditions that may promote pathogens by balancing pH levels in the body (diseases cannot survive in alkaline, balanced environments), enhances weight loss, supports collagen production, and relieves constipation. It is not only a cleanse for what usually comes to mind when you hear that word. It is a full body cleanse gentle enough to take daily, and recommended to do so! Toxins are stored in unnecessary fat cells. BioCleanse pulls toxins to the surface (with fat) and helps increase the fat loss process if fat exists in your body. This cleanse keeps things moving out of your system, but in a very natural, gentle, and nonirritating way.”

So yea…. sign me up! Right??? With any “diet” I’ve always known that being healthy is better than loosing weight. If you get your gut in a good place and you’re making healthy decisions about what you’re eating the weight will just naturally come off (if you need it to).

Monday will be exactly one week of being on this system and I already love it. So far I’ve been pretty cautious about what I’m eating, but not too strict, and I’ve already lost 2 pounds. I had a fabulous cheat meal last night (lasagna to carb up for a long run today) so if I got on the scale right now I’d probably break even, but again.. it’s not about the scale. It’s about how you FEEL and I feel AMAZING!!!

Over the next 3 weeks I’m going to completely cut out gluten and dairy (which I pretty much do already.. except for my cheat meals of course). Gluten and dairy can naturally upset your gut so cutting them out along with taking the plexus slim is a guaranteed “feel good” system!

I’ll be checking back in with you on this to let you know what I think of the products once I finish out this first month! But PLEASE feel free to reach out to my friend Amanda for any information at all!!! She’s full of knowledge and advice on what would be best for you and recommended ways to use the products! She’s Amazing!


love MariaMurphy



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