DIY lace up flats 1


I’m sure everyone is aware by now how trendy lace-up flats are. I have been digging this look since last spring and I’ve seen several variations of it. I thought it would be fun to create my own! All you’ll need is a pair of pointy toed flats, two pieces of faux suede/leather string (I got these super cheap from Joann’s), a leather hole puncher, and white eyeliner (or something that will show up over black).


DIY lace up flats 2


You’re going to start by marking where you want your holes to be.

DIY lace up flats 3DIY lace up flats 3b


Then start punching away!

DIY lace up flats 4


Once you have all your wholes punched out start threading your string though the holes, crossing back and forth like lacing up sneakers.

*I used a pencil to help poke through the string.

DIY lace up flats 5DIY lace up flats 6DIY lace up flats 7


And that’s it! Slide them on and cross/tie them how ever you like!


DIY lace up flats 8love MariaMurphy

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