As a little girl, I remember watching fashion shows on TV and staring in awe of how beautiful, expressive and creative “clothes” could be. I was so inspired, even at that very young age, to pull out a pencil and paper and sketch out my very own fashion designs.  Honestly, my first memory of drawing altogether is sketching after I watched those shows. My passion for fashion has only grown since then, which ultimately inspired me to start this blog.  And because of this blog, exactly one year (to the day) after launching it, I found myself sitting nowhere else but a NYFW Fashion show. “Dream come true” doesn’t even begin to express the thoughts and emotions I had while watching the beautiful works of art walk down the runway. It was an experience I will never forget, and one that I hope will happen again and again from now on every February and September. 🙂

Ok.. so enough of the super emotional, sappy, grab your tissues talk (I may or may not have gotten chocked up writing that first paragraph) and on to the fun stuff!

Sooooo…. it was cold in NY… like negative temperatures cold… like not at all cute, tears and snot running down my face cold… and my “street style” was dictated by that. Not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but at all times I had on at least three layers of clothing. That outfit in the middle (the one with the distressed jeans) was the absolute worst decision I could have made.

The cherry-on-top of the entire trip was that my two best friends in the WHOLE world were there with me – my hubba-wubba and my sissy!!!! We dressed to impress and were invited to a pre-show party where we mingled with other bloggers, photographers and fashion-savvy people. Zanna Rassi was there and I was freaking out (only on the inside of course) because I have admired her and her career for so long!

Of course I had to take a picture of my name and blog URL printed out at my assigned seat!! Second row and proud of it, baby! I’ll take it!!!!! Gotta start somewhere, right?


Leanne Marshall, oh my goodness! So dreamy and feminine and GORGEOUS! Here are a few of my favorite looks:

**Above photos from the Leanne Marshall show taken by: Lura Photography **

Nika Tang, wow!!! Loved each and every piece! That navy dress on the far left is my faaaavvv!!! I want to wear it now!!! And I’m so happy Lura and I got to meet her!

All in all, NYFW did NOT disappoint! As the years go by, I hope to go to many more shows and be able to share them with all of you!

**Check back soon for details on the outfit I wore to Leanne Marshall!**

love MariaMurphy


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