Garlic & Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive “DIPPING” Oil 

This is staple for us Italians.. and it’s not even something I’ve ever thought of as a “recipe”, it’s just something I’ve “thrown together” as (or with) an antipasto. You really can’t mess it up! Even using just EVOO and sea salt it’s delicious! But here is a way to make it a little more fancy then that 🙂


– One small glass Olive Oil dispenser


– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– 1 sprig of Rosemary

– 1 tsp sea salt

– 1 tsp Italian Seasoning

– 1 tsp minced garlic

– 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper



First, wash and pat dry your Rosemary then cut in half and stuff into your dispenser.

IMG_5298 IMG_5299 IMG_5300 IMG_5301

Then add all of your seasoning and garlic!

**TIP – I use a piece of computer paper to create a funnel. USE THIS ONLY FOR DRY SEASONING – NOT GARLIC OR EVOO.**

IMG_5302 IMG_5304

Last step is to fill your dispenser with Olive Oil. It will tastes best if you let it sit for a few days and soak up all the flavor. Once you’re ready to serve, just shake until everything is blended, pour on a plate, and serve with warm bread 🙂

IMG_5307 IMG_5318 IMG_5337 IMG_5343


Hope you enjoy this one!!

love Maria

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