Turn all of your wedding cards into a book you can read any time and keep forever!

After Josh and I got married, we were able to sit down and read through every card we had received. They were all full of so much love and encouragement and warm wishes for a long life and happy marriage. We decided we just didn’t have the heart to through any of them away.  So instead, I decided to turn them into a book!

This would be great for children’s birthday, holidays, Christmas, etc!

Here’s how easy it is!

First gather all your cards and organize them based on their sizes and throw away all of the envelopes they were in.


Then all you’ll need are a few magazines (you’re only using the covers), glue, whole punch, pencil, scissors, index card rings, and your favorite print outs from your wedding!


Then you’re going to glue your print outs to the cover of the magazine covers, trace out a rectangle (using one of your largest cards as a stencil), and cut it out.

IMG_3758 IMG_3761 IMG_3764

Then get started on whole punching!!

IMG_3767 IMG_3769

Once you have everything whole punched, start adding them to your rings!


One you have your ring full, close it up, and that’s it! Super simple!


If you had as many cards as us they won’t all fit into one book. You can make as many as needed!

IMG_3778 IMG_3780 IMG_3783


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