Margarita’s, chips & salsa, guacamole, tequila.. who doesn’t love celebrating Cinco de Mayo??? I wanted to share with you guys some simple and very inexpensive ways to decorate and entertain this Cinco de Mayo!

First, I knew I wanted to find a fun texture and pattern to put on the table as a runner. I went to JoAnn’s and found some very inexpensive fabric that I knew would be perfect!


I also knew I wanted to incorporate some fun floral arrangements to add the bright vibrate colors to the table! I went to Dollar tree and got a bunch of fake flowers. Then took some recycled soup cans, pealed off the labels, and used that as the vases. These turned out so fun and VERY tacky! But tacky in a fun, bright, let’s drink tequila kind of way!

IMG_3862 IMG_3864IMG_3866 IMG_3867And then of course you have to have the food & drinks!! I made some adorable clay pot cupcakes to add some fun edible greenery to the table, fresh guacamole, and peach margaritas!

Click on those links to get all the recipes!!

If you’re wanting to serve an entree as well as drinks and finger foods, you should DEFINITELY try the¬†Make your own Fajita bowl¬†station or even some light Mexican pizzas!

IMG_3967 IMG_3969 IMG_3973 IMG_3946 IMG_3975 IMG_3953IMG_3960

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