Hey y’all! This craft is so EASY, FUN, & AFFORDABLE!! Watch the video to see what it’s all about!


First, you’ll need oven bake clay, dough roller, doilies, oven safe bowls, sculpting tools, acrylic paint, and paint brushes.

DIY clay plates everything you'll need

You’re first going to take your clay and molding it out as flat as you can. Then roll it out with your roller to make it nice and smooth.

DIY clay plates 3

Then take your doily and roll it with your roller into the clay. Once it is completely flush and imprinted into the clay, lift the doily to reveal your texture!

DIY clay plates 4DIY clay plates 6 DIY clay plates 7 DIY clay plates 8 DIY clay plates 9

Next step is to trim the outside of your plate. Use one of your sculpting tools to do this step. Once completely cut out, round the edges of the plate with your fingers to make it nice and smooth.

DIY clay plates 11 DIY clay plates 12

Now put the clay inside of your oven safe bowl. Once it’s in there exactly how you want it, its ready to go in your over.. 15 minutes at 275 degrees (the instructions should be on the box of clay you buy as well).

DIY clay plates 13

Once the clay is out of the oven and cooled, you can remove it from the oven safe bowl and then start painting!

DIY clay plates 14 DIY clay plates 15 DIY clay plates 16

And that’s it! Simple enough!

You can use these in so many different way! And they make great homemade gifts! Here are a few ways I personally used these!!

DIY clay plates 17 DIY clay plates 22 DIY clay plates 21 DIY clay plates 20 DIY clay plates 19 DIY clay plates 18


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